Live up ...


Why Live Up?

  • Timeless and cutting-edge architecture in harmony with beautiful natural scenery.
  • Over the recreational areas of Čertík and Riviéra.
  • Buoyant position over the city and all its surroundings.
  • Over the city exit and yet almost in the centre.
  • Above-standard building construction with original design elements.
  • Above expectations, infrastructure within walking distance – shopping area, physicians, school, kindergarten, fitness, restaurant, sports facilities, library and other services.
  • Comfortable parking in the building garage.


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  • Investor: CAMPUS RESIDENTIAL AREA II, a.s. IČ 02949725

    Shareholders: CD XXI, a.s. and IMOS BRNO, a.s. The CD XXI, a.s. company was awarded a special jury prize for the exceptional and timeless development project of Kampus.

  • Realization

    Shareholders IMOS BRNO, a.s. a AiD team, a.s. Companies holders of many awards for quality architecture and quality designs, such as THE BUILDING OF THE YEAR, THE BEST INTERIOR and many others. AiD team a.s. continues the project of APLUS a.s.

Project partners